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Modules mafintosh and I wrote this month

I work on a distributed team with two other developers. The three of us are in three different cities. This month mafintosh came out and stayed in my guest room for the month. I wanted to take the time to document what we wrote during his trip to give a little insight into what is it like to work in an "open source first" way.

Most of these were written for use cases involving our day job, dat. Some, such as the Playback video player, were written for fun.


Run airpaste on two computers that are on the same network and airpaste opens a two way binary pipe. Uses mdns (aka Bonjour) to connect peers.


A module to control a webcam in my backyard from node. The webcam points at some catnip in my yard and motion detects cats.


Implements a duplex stream interface on top of Bluetooth Low Energy


Implements a swarm API (mesh networking) using ble-stream


Works like airpaste except uses bluetooth


Creates a mac .app from your Electron source code


Lets you do npm install electron-prebuilt -g to get electron in your PATH.


Run electron-spawn foo.js to run foo.js inside a headless Electron window


Play videos on your chromecast when nothing else is playing. I use it to play the captured cat videos from the catnip cam.


Lets you npm install mon-prebuilt -g to get the mon C process monitor in your PATH


A low level module for parsing MDNS data. Factored out, like many of these, because Unix philosophy!


Lets us access a single LevelDB from multiple processes in a failsafe way


Protocol Buffer Streaming. A standard way to serialize protobuf data. We use protobufs for almost all data interchange now. We are getting friends to implement pbs in Golang and C++.


Tiny utility stream that lets you pick a random item from a stream.


Desktop video player written in JS that supports torrent streaming, chromecast and youtube.


Chrome extension to that adds a 'open in Playback' button to YouTube videos.


Tiny array module that can iterate an array in random order


Tells you how long require() calls take in your program


A stateless pub/sub server with 'channels' that we use to introduce peers in p2p apps like Friends.


Used by dat to compute diffs between two branches, used when merging forked data


Join two sorted streams based on a key


A simple stream module to go through items in stream one at a time. We factored this out of our sorted-*-stream modules above.


CLI routing tool that we use in dat to route subcommands like dat cat or dat add.


We rewrote our deploy tools, and produced a series of small modules that can compose together into deploy pipelines. We're calling the system taco


Runs a command inside a taco tarball (e.g. npm install --production)


Lets you git push deploy with taco


Deploys apps using the mon C process monitor


Auto configures Nginx to route traffic to your process


Creates a tarball from your app source code


Testing module to make testing spawned processes easier


Abstract module to support different transports (used in dat), e.g. tcp://, ssh://, https://


An experimental C implementation of the utp (micro-tp) protocol from Bittorrent.


Like airpaste or blecat but over webrtc. Uses github usernames for auth/discovery. Opens a duplex stream to someone over webrtc.


A connection swarm API for webrtc. Manages a pool of webrtc connections. Used in Friends.