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Stuff I've recorded/been recording talking about/been interviewed for


TacoConf 2012 in Oakland + San Francisco - an event I put on

Voxel.js - Minecraft in the browser - at @nodepdx 2013 in Portland

Teaching Programming to Cats (and humans) - Empire.js in NYC, Oct 2012

Mikeal Rogers' video series: the beard, discovering node.js, oakland, open data

Government.js at @JSConfEU 2012 in Berlin

Summit on technology in government at the Aspen Institute

Using JavaScript for all the things at the Node Dublin Conference, October 2012

Building a mobile app at PhoneGap Day EU in Amsterdam, Sept 2012

A Node.js case study: Collaboration in a large open source project. Public lecture at the Estonian IT College in Tallinn, Sept 2012

Streaming Cats - How Node.js Streams work - Presentation for the 2012 Summer of Node interns

JavaScript databases?! at LXJS 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal - Sept 2012

Panel at the MIT Media Lab: "Bustling with Information: Cities, Code and Civics"

Big Data for the Public Good - Seminar with Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki

CyborgCamp2010 keynote - Future webs and civic hacking

CyborgCamp2010 Interview - The federated social web

Changelog: The Github Podcast - on Code for America

NodeConf2011 Interview - Open data tools

Distributed web apps with CouchDB in Stockholm, Sweden at SWDC2011

Code for America 2011 Summit - DataCouch

Mozilla Festival 2011 in London - DataCouch Demo

Government Open Source Conference - Why middleware is the key to a successful gov 2.0

Beyond Local Search - Panel on "local data"

Portland, OR Civic Apps Mayoral Awards Pt. 1 (Summer '10) and the followup Pt. 2 (Winter '10)

Code for Oakland Apps for Communities Awards Presentations (on

Ignite Boston: Education, Technology and Libraries in Boston

Various NodeUp Podcasts


Get friendly with CouchDB (2011)

Hosting websites out of CouchDB (2011)

Interactive HTML5 CouchApps using node.couchapp.js (2011)

Awesomely simple web scraping with ScraperWiki (2011)

Five minute ScraperWiki intro (2011)

Cleaning up open data with Google Refine (2011)


Gather: A New App For Organizing Meetups Over Facebook And Twitter

What's Next: City Hall 2.0 - Stanford Social Innovation Review, Spring 2011

"Now Ogden is turning geek activism into a full-time gig."

The Civic Web Will Help You Find Cats, Among Other Things

Ogden talked about Code For America, an initiative that β€œenlists the brightest minds of the web industry into public service to use their skills to solve core problems facing our communities.” He talked about Paul Otlet, the forgotten father of information science, who may have pioneered the idea of the β€œlike” button and the concept of recommendation systems. He talked in the context of libraries – imagine Netflix for public libraries, or an anthropomorphized library pushing book recommendations to you based on geolocation. How can we capitalize on the curiosity gap and encourage kids to seek information and collaborate? The spirit of open government is not about accessibility to data, but rather collaboration, and that is the engine behind Code for America. - Georgy Cohen